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I do not watermark across my images because I want the young athletes that are in them to feel empowered. I post images that I believe do that! I want them to save them, post them, and share them. Tag and follow me @mjppixels on Instagram if you post them there. I enjoy getting Tagged! Paying the small download fee shows me your appreciation. It takes between four and six hours to produce each one of these albums.  

I sign all of these images to identify my work. Feel free to post and print these images anywhere. All I ask is you give me photo credit and tag me @mjppixels on Instagram! If you decide to screenshot or save the images, please continue to pay it forward by donating your time to something that is empowering or helping someone else. 

If you are interested, contact me to schedule an senior or individual sports creative photo session to create memories to enjoy for a lifetime.  

Enjoy the album’s

Love More.


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